📕User Guide

Setting Up Twitter

Use /set twitter command and enter your twitter username

Your Twitter account is global, allowing you to use it on any server without the need for reset.

Setting up Wallet

Use /set wallet command to set your wallet. SOL, BTC, and ETH wallets are allowed, with the bot automatically detecting the specific type.

To add multiple wallets, use same command

How to Accumulate Points on Engage?

  • Interacting with Tweets: Members receive point for each like, retweet, and comment they make on the posted tweets.

  • Member Interactions: By actively engaging with each other and reacting to announcements, Members can accumulate points and contribute to the overall value of the server, fostering a thriving community.

Use /leaderboard or /points to see your current status.

How to Use Points on Engage?

Raffle Tickets: You have the option to purchase up to five raffle tickets using your points, which enables you to take part in reward events within your server

Auctions: Additionally, you can spend your points on auctions, where you can bid and compete with others to secure the highest bid and win exclusive items or rewards.

Blackjack: Try gambling your way up the leaderboard. Max bet is locked at 5 points

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